The Effects Of A Physical Education Supportive Curriculum And Technological Devices On Physical Activity

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Annotated Bibliography
Single Subject Design
Clapham, E. D., Sullivan, E. C., & Ciccomascolo, L. E. (2015). Effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices on physical activity. Physical Educator, 72(1), 102-116
Clapham, Sullivan,& Ciccomascolo (2015) wanted to examine the effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices, including a heart rate monitor and pedometer ,on students level and amount of physical activity. The research study followed a single subject ABABA design with 106 fourth and firth grade student measuring their participation during physical education. The curriculum and instruction of the class was designed to support the use of the technology and devices in order to enhance learning. Out of the 106 six students were chosen to interview. Participant participated in one 40 min physical education class a week. The student were then broken up into group of 14-16 student per one physical education instructor. The use of the technology was incorporated into the activities such as locomotor activities; space awareness, chasing, dodging, fleeing, and cooperative games; team-building activities; and throwing and catching using equipment such as balls, hoops, and beanbags. Due to the ABAB design the research switch between locomotor and manipulative activities, this ensured that each student was able to participate in each type of activity for one day. Data was collected on steps per minute data from…

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