The Effect Of Work Experience On Your Future Career? Essay

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LUBS1060/1070 Introductory Assignment Student ID: 200871546
What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career? “Internships have been described as a bridge between the theory of the classroom and the world of practice” (Nevett 1985, cited in Gault, J, Redington, J and Schlager, T. 2000. p.3) as they expose students to the working environment, allowing them to apply their knowledge to real life situations therefore testing their abilities in a different manner to classic academic exams. In this essay I will evaluate the benefits and explore some possible negatives that work experience can have on an individual’s future career in order to decide whether work experience really is worthwhile. Covering ideas such as the implications on their position in the graduate job market, how the value of benefits varies depending on different individuals and depending on the type of work experience they have. Work experience programmes have traditionally been aimed at helping students decide on a career path. However, more recently, they have become increasingly integrated with graduate recruitment, with employers filling 37% of entry-level graduate positions with those who have previously worked for their organisation (Highfliers Research Ltd. 2014. p.35). Recruiters believe this is a more reliable method selecting candidates from the graduate market as they have already…

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