Takaful Company Case Study

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We can learn step by step to come up the upper level of organization in the Takaful Company. We struggle a lot to come at the first or a successful salesperson or businessman. In a Dawood takaful, an applicant apply for the job and selected as a Trainee Consultant can improve their job skills and learn more and more from their senior workers and manager about their jobs and work under it as an effective manner. After some period of their job as a good performer or a sale person, company offers the next status of their job as a permanent member of Takaful as a Takaful Consultant. After some struggle Takaful consultant comes at the post of Takaful Manager. And step by step he develop their skills achieved
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Only thing that can hold me back is me.
I have made official acquaintances that will be helpful in future if I decide to pursue a career in Takaful Family Insurance Industry with DFT Ltd.
It has also equipped me with necessary tools and skills that are required of productive employees. It will be safe to say that I have gained invaluable skills during my tenure as an Intern and it will certainly influence my future career plans in whatever field I decide to work in.
3.8 Main challenges faced by the DFTL
 More Takaful mind-set professionals are required to implement and succeed
 Takaful and its regulators/enforcers needs to work on the core objective of providing mutual help such as through micro-takaful and not just focus on the shareholder returns and wealth maximization which should be the secondary focus.
 High initial costs should not be paid by Takaful fund but by the Shareholders.
 One of the main challenges is creating awareness amongst masses for both risk mitigation (low penetration) and takaful concept.

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In DFTL, some of the least expected individuals have excelled in extraordinary ways, earning millions in one fiscal year. This could be true about you too, In shaa Allah.
 Fast-Track Promotion & Career Development:
Many of you and your managers have witnessed the rapid success, by which individuals in DFTL have exceeded in their personal growth and success. You can develop your career in both lines of actions i.e. the Consultation (sales) Ladder (from Trainee Takaful Consultation to Takaful Advisor and the Manager till the level of Regional managers). All you require in the consultant/sales ladder is sharpening your skills of persuasive communication based upon accurate knowledge and client handling. While in Management ladder, your abilities of building, developing and maintaining the best team of professional Takaful consultants play the important role in your personal success.
3.10.5 Opportunities future career plans
Once I have become a Takaful Consultant, there are two steps of development ahead;
 Opportunity to build my own business/Sales Career.
 Opportunity for Management.
 Opportunity for taking commission from each

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