How Does Enterprise Influence My Career Goals

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Enterprise has been extremely influential on my career goals following graduation. The internship as a management trainee has given me knowledge and insight into the business world. I have had the privileged in working with talented, skillful people as well as building relationships with coworkers, customers, and mentors. While being an intern at Enterprise I have been able to obtain experience in value, customer service, and sales. Each experience has helped me in my career decision and on the path of becoming a successful sales leader and manager. Enterprise has taught me the value and meaning of what it takes to own, prosper, and build relationships for a successful business. The Enterprise values are a good foundation to understand what …show more content…
It is the key component of what makes the business successful. While working with Enterprise I have been able to see what it takes and how important our customers are. Every completely satisfied customer keeps the brand alive and the retention rate high. Each handshake, smile, and positive attitude is just a few things that go into delivering the promise to customer. By treating our customers with respect, focusing on high level of service, and understanding the needs of every customer links to building a secure relationship with each customer. The Enterprise cycle of service has taught me how to treat a customer throughout their buying journey. Also, the three things to keep a customer completely satisfied: 1. timeliness, 2. cleanliness, and 3. friendliness. These can be applied to each business aspect at any career place. I believe all three things are crucial to increase our Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQI) by having completely satisfied customers. The lack in just one of three things can result in lack of completely satisfied customer service. Customer service success is dependent on the interactions performed by the employee to the customer. By fulfilling the customers buying journey the customer will typically be completely satisfied. The customer service skills I have learned while interning with Enterprise will help me in my future

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