The Effect Of Temperature On Ph On Food And Liquids Essay

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The effect of temperature on pH in food and liquids.

Seferian , Celina

By putting the food or liquids into a pan and raising the temperature of it then we may possibly see a change in pH. Temperature may have an affect on the pH of solids and liquids. All solutions will change their pH value with temperature. Temperature affecting pH is a result of the shifting of the chemical equilibrium of the components, mainly of dissociation. Dissociation is the splitting of a molecule into smaller molecules, atoms, or ions, especially by a reversible process. Before any experiment was performed, research was done and it is said that temperature does affect the pH of food and liquids. Temperature effects that diminish the accuracy and speed of response of the Electrode.

If temperature is raised then the pH will change because the higher the temperature the more likeliness of seeing a change in pH. The food and liquids will be at room temperature when they 're initial temperature is taken and the pH will be tested. Then heat will be added and the pH will be tested again. An Electrode Slope is a pH electrode that can produce different mV in different solutions.

The response of an ideal pH electrode is defined by the Nernst Equation(2):

E = E0 – 2.3 (RT/nF) log aH+

E = total potential (in mV) developed between the sensing and reference electrode Eo = standard potential of the electrode at aH
+ = 1 mol/l R = Gas…

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