The Effect Of Science On Early Childhood Education Essay

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The article begins by stating that the recognition of the importance of science in early childhood education has increased in the last few years. Despite this recognition, there are still concerns about the quality and quantity of science experiences present in the classroom. The authors stated that this lack in quality and quantity is due to the generalist nature of teaching in earl childhood settings and the lack in the teacher 's confidence in her background knowledge of the subject. To increase these areas, they believed that children 's literature should be used as an invitation to science inquiry and play. They cam to this conclusion because other studies had shown how successful using children 's literature was. However, they noted some concerns that my arise from the use of children 's literature. One of the mains concerns was that often times children 's literature misrepresents science due to the tendency of fantasy and anthropomorphism. The authors believed that this was due to the teacher 's lack of background knowledge in the subject are that would cause her to miss and not correct the misrepresentations. This is why they chose to use the literature as a base build upon rather than the actual source for information.
According to the article, the early childhood education setting offers many opportunities for science inquiry. They also pointed out that these experiences can provide opportunities to build a number of skills such as literacy, analytic skills,…

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