The Effect Of Response Cards On Saudi Arabia With Ebd Essay

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Effect of Response Cards on Saudi Students with EBD in English Class.
Manal Y. Al sheef
Minnesota State University (Mankato)

I have always found the idea behind the teaching strategy of response cards (RC) to students from Saudi Arabia with EBD in my country. It was drilled into my head that if we as teachers do not include this strategy, then students will not learn effectively and the class be bored. As we know teaching today is much more than telling facts from a textbook, it has become a series of practices that teachers compile together to form teaching methods. However, it is truly important including the response cards in my classroom if I want my students to be active during my lesson. In my study I want to validate if the students performances, interest, and motivation in the lesson are different with the use of RC English class is the most difficult class to students in my country. It is a challenging class to them in all the grades including the university level .They try to avoid it by being off task all the time such as engaging in activities and conversation with others during instruction, disruptive behavior towards others .So, this strategy as a new one will have a significant impact on their academic achievements. This strategy never used in my country before, I would like to apply it in the future, to have an active class with less disruptive behaviors and more active participants.
Response cards can be defined as cards or signs that…

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