Essay on The Effect Of Healthcare Reforms On Nurses

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The Effect of Healthcare Reforms on Nurses
Maya Angelou, a famous poet, once said, “They may forget your name, but they never forget how you made them feel.” This quote certainly applies to nurses and she basically describes how in the hospital, the patients focus more on the doctors than nurses. and but not nurses even though they spend the most time with patients. Since they spend most of the time with each other, they have a closer connection and interaction with each other than with their doctor. Many people see nurses as an “assistant” to doctors in hospitals or clinics. They give patients whatever they need and provide medicine to what the doctor has told them. But nurses have a bigger role than that. Some people do not really see that nurses play an important key role in the healthcare system. Many of the healthcare reforms have caused nurses to take on multiple roles and to get the recognition in the healthcare systems. More specifically, healthcare reforms, like the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare, have expanded nursing duties and has also affected their current roles. Healthcare reforms have caused nurses’ roles to change in the healthcare system like to get involved in nurse-led innovations. Obamacare has caused nurses to take on leadership roles and step out of their roles in hospitals or clinics. To provide access to everyone who can’t afford healthcare at a lower cost is one example. Nurses have opened many health clinics that are mainly…

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