Essay on The Effect Of Divorce On Children

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Divorce, even under the most amicable circumstances can be a difficult experience for the adults involved. The anger, resentment, fear and anxiety a divorce can bring is immeasurable. These emotions can last for a very long time, as well. However, for all the effects that it can have on the adults involved, the adults are adults. They have given fully formed consent to be involved in the marriage, so any consequences that they incur as a result are theirs and theirs alone.
What happens, though, when there are children involved? Children don’t have a say in what situation they are born into. They, for intents and purposes, are innocents when it comes to the divorce situation and play no role in what causes the divorce and for that reason, great consideration and research has been done on the effect of divorce on children.
That does not make them immune to being involved in a divorce though. 38% of Caucasian children and 75% of Black children will be affected by divorce before they turn 16. (Amato and Keith 26) Given such a large amount of children will experience the divorce of their parents, it is a fair question to consider how the divorce will affect the children of the house.
Divorcing parents are the most common source of this question. Divorcing parents will often times fret and worry about how the changes that the divorce brings will affect their children. The degree to which they are effected has been a matter of debate. Validating the fears most parents who are…

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