The Effect Of College Student Employment On Academic Achievement

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The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of college student employment on academic achievement. The average yearly costs of education continue to increase around the country and with this increase student’s anxiety rises about the escalating costs of schooling, students are left with the decision of how to fund their education. Some take out loans, or qualify for grants or scholarships. Others, however are left to pay their own way be means of full-time or part-time employment. According to the Review of Educational Research approximately 80 percent of all college students are employed while completing their undergraduate education (Riggert). The purpose of this research project is to determine the effects of full-time and part-time employment and how that reflects on the academic success of college students.
A major factor in determining the positive or negative effects of employment on academic performance of students is their Grade Point Average (GPA). My hypothesis is that having a job in college effects your GPA. This seems like an interesting hypothesis because many students are struggling to pay off their student loans and it is possible that having a job while in college will help ease the burden after college. Though is having a job in college affecting your GPA and potentially your job after college. In addition, research regarding this topic is mixed. Therefore, the current study will attempt to provide further empirical…

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