Essay on The Educational Gender Gap Of A Bachelor 's Degree

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Over the years women have began to dominate when it comes to obtaining a college degree. More specifically a Bachelor’s Degree. Women account for 60% of Bachelor Degree graduates today (Fisher, 2013). After doing some research it was found that for ten years straight (2000-2010) females had approximately a 200 person lead on males in the United States when it pertains to a Bachelor’s Degree (Statista). There are many factors related to the educational gender gap including: marriage, divorce, and rates of maturity.

Prior to the 1960s women were marrying at a younger age. Beginning in the late 1960s women began getting married at a later age allowing them more sufficient time to devote themselves to an higher education without the added stress of securing a spouse. Also, women started to bear children at later ages. With the fertility rate not as high women did not have to worry about staying home and caring for children which made them feel empowered. Therefore, they began to attend colleges to start a career rather than settle for a job. Also, the rising divorce rates since the 1960s have placed increasing financial obligations on women prompting them to view college as a security blanket for their financial future. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, "another aspect in the reversal of the college gender gap, rather than just its elimination, is the persistence of behavioral and developmental differences between males and females."…

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