The Economics Of Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

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According to the first article, The Economics of Education, “there is a crisis in the South-we are trapped in an economic cycle known as low-wage/low-skill equilibrium” (pg. 2). There is a direct correlation between educational attainment and unemployment rates in Georgia. Students not graduating from high school have a greater chance of being unemployed, directly impacting Georgia’s economic success. I have witnessed this in our small, South Georgia town first handedly. Around town, I often see adults that were once in my 6th grade class. I am typically thrilled to reunite with them to find out in just a few minutes of our conversation that they dropped out of high school or if they graduated high school, they are unable to find a job. This often makes me feel like an educational failure. The second article, Top Ten Issues To Watch in 2016, takes a closer look at the problems impacting education in Georgia today. It reveals how Georgia will be investigating new and innovative ways of improving teaching and learning, and building a world class education system by addressing the areas of: chronically failing schools, assessments, securing teachers, student funding, equity and outcomes of education, early learning, after school learning, postsecondary education, and the overall future of education in Georgia.

The article, The Economics of Education, states that Early Life Experiences are critical and influence the development of children’s…

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