The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Essay

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Currently in the United States, the legal drinking age is twenty-one. Originally, the drinking age was different depending on what state a person lived in, but that all changed with the Alcohol Beverage Control Act of 1934- States that one must be twenty-one years of age in order to consume, purchase or possess alcohol. Though the drinking age occasionally shifted after this act was passed, today the drinking age remains twenty-one. While there are many who agree with this age-limit, there are also many who believe it should be lowered to at least eighteen.
One argument being made towards lowering the drinking age to eighteen is that people are legally considered adults, therefore they should be allowed to make their own decisions. The general consensus of this argument is, if an 18 year old can legally vote, join the military and marry then they should be able to consume alcohol. However, this statement is not a very strong argument for why the drinking age should be lowered. While it is true that a person who has been recognized as an adult should be allowed to make their own decisions; when it comes to alcohol, there is a highly probable chance of causing damage to the brain. Many studies have shown that the human brain does not fully develop until the mid-twenties through the early thirties. And knowing that many U.S. teenagers often over-consume alcohol, increasing the chance of developing addiction, they will most likely form some sort of dysfunction, later on in…

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