The Drilling Is Killing Animals Essay

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Have you ever thought of what happens outside of your little world? All the crisis that happen outside of your home and school? Well there are a lot of problems in the world and they are all affecting the environment. For instance, The drilling in Alaska. This is a huge problem. Granted there are good things about it, but in my eyes, it is mostly bad and I will show you why. The drilling is killing plants that are native to Alaska. Some plants can’t reproduce as fast as some people may think and the drilling may just make those special plants disappear. The drilling is also killing animals. Some plants that are destroyed are some animals main food supply. Taking that away will either kill the animals depending on them or make those animals migrate to a new place leaving the predators with less food. And last of all, the drilling will not save us money or oil. The point is, the drilling in Alaska is has done and is doing more bad than good.
At 19 million acres, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest land-based unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System. It is also one of the last intact landscapes in America. Established in 1960 to protect its extraordinary wildlife, wilderness and recreational qualities, the Arctic Refuge is a place where natural processes remain mostly uninfluenced by humans.
But for all its unique beauty, the Arctic Refuge is under assault. The oil industry and its political allies continue to launch attacks to open this national treasure to…

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