Essay The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith

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For my final topic, I decided to utilize the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. This doctrine is central to our Christian faith and shapes how we view our salvation in Christ. It is key that we have a good understanding of it because it can have an impact on how we view ourselves and how we view God.
What is justification and how are we justified? Pastor R.C. Sproul speaks of this in a sermon on Martin Luther. He points out that our English word for justification comes from the Latin word Justificare. There are two parts to the word the first is Justus which means justified or righteous and the second part of the word is Facare which means to make. Therefore, the English word Justification means to make justified. Sproul points out that Luther would have been looking at the Greek word instead of the Latin word. He states “The word dikaios, dikaiosune, which didn’t mean to make righteous, but rather to regard as righteous, to count as righteous, to declare as righteous” (Sproul, 2016). This to me is an important distinction. If we are made righteous, that would in my mind imply that we continually would need to be made righteous, but if instead God regards us as righteous, then we are regarded in right standing regardless of our actual ability to be righteous. This would mean that there would not be a constant action required on our part to make us righteous, God has counted us as righteous by His grace. In this sense, our justification, or dikaiosune, is God…

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