The Diversity Of Human Resource Managers Essay

1103 Words Feb 13th, 2016 null Page
Human Resource Managers are facing a number of challenges in currently, but the main one I feel is most prevalent is the handling of the growing diversity in the workplace. Workplace diversity has exploded in recent decades and statics show that it will continue to grow. It is a subject that companies are taking more seriously due to the large effects that it can have on an organization. Companies are encountering a growing multigenerational (four or more generations of employees) and a growing ethnic workforce (Relating to or characteristic of human group having racial, religious, gender linguistic, and certain other traits in common.)
There is more to workplace diversity then generational and ethnic differences between coworkers. Workplace diversity is also the acceptance, understanding and celebrations of those difference. Managers and leaders are faced with making this large pool of diversity as cohesive as possible so that the organization can continue to operate and profit. There are two solutions I feel that can contribute to making the diversity pool a lot more unified.
Having diversity and inclusion training. In general terms, diversity training programs are educational or developmental initiatives that address issues related to variability in employee social identities.
Diversity management is the ability to use talent from multiple individuals with different back grounds to increase creativity within organizations. Mangers and leaders must learn to do this and…

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