The Distinctive and Common Qualitiesof Job Shops and Flow Shops

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The purpose of this paper is to clarify the similarities and differences between job shops and flow shops as well as advise with regard to facility layout. The selection of a job shop or flow shop layout should be made based upon the properties and characteristics the manufacturers desire to have in place for producing their products. These considerations will ultimately result in cost-saving measures as well as increases in overall efficiency. I. Explanation of the Defining Attributes

Elements of Job Shops
A production environment in which similar operations and equipment are organized by function is typically referred to as a job shop. Job shops are a unique form of manufacturing in which the jobs pass through
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The flexible job shop often times synergizes the machine work. Work is performed on more than one part simultaneously. This leads to higher equipment utilization time and ultimately provides a higher degree of flexibility for those who have planned the facility layout (7).

Flow Shop Defined
The flow shop has a product-oriented layout composed of mainly flow lines. Material is carried through the shop on conveyors, moving belts, and transfer devices. The flow shop consists of a specified amount of machines in a series and each job has to be processed systematically as the machines are set up sequentially. The route schedule is quite rigid and bottlenecking is a common problem (8).

The flow shop design is similar to a queue network. In a queuing network jobs can not be released until the preceding operation is finished. Flow shops follow the First In First Out (FIFO) discipline which simply states no job can pass another job while waiting in a queue. After the completion of one job, another manufactured part joins the queue (9).

Flow shops have very high production rate and are often used in mass production. Plants that utilize the flow shop design may often be designed to manufacture one product or a comparatively small family of products. To accommodate the process of manufacturing special products plants have to invest in specialized equipment. Considering

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