The Distinctions Of Love By Nichole Krauss Essay

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The Distinctions of Love
There is no doubt that we as human being at some point in our lives has experienced some kind of love, whether loving other people or being loved by other people. However, many of us still does not understand the real meaning of “LOVE.” Everyone has their definition regarding to love. Although, love is only a simple four letter words but combined with enormous amount of meanings. Love is notoriously difficult to define. The English word “LOVE” has various and broad meaning, but in the Ancient Greek had four words to describe the range of meaning that love conveys. Love and be broken down to four different words, which they are the Eros love, Phileo love, Storge love, and Agape love. A novel called the The History of Love by Nichole Krauss was connected with such kinds of love. The main character called Leo Gursky, a writer, was borned in Bolan, Poland, and was seeking to bring his childhood girlfriend, Alma Mereminski, back from United States, but they are separated due to World War II. Even though Alma went to United States years to avoid the War, but Leo 's love for Alma is so great that he has never forget his promise; Leo will wait for Alma forever. There are four different kinds of love that humans are preoccupied, and they are the most wonderful emotion that humans feel and express.
Family love can always make us feel comfortable. The Greek word Storge is an affectionate love which it is the family love. This kind of love can sometimes be…

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