Twelfth Night Love Analysis

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What is Love? Shannon L. Alder (author of 300 Questions novels) being the sage she is, has her own concept on unrequited love itself: “Every broken heart has screamed at one time or another: "Why can 't you see who I truly am?". Her idea of the mindset belonging to those suffering a desire-filled heart, which connects to the theme of love in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. His depiction of affection takes place in the 1600’s, centering around siblings Viola and Sebastian crash near Illyria in their boat along with their crew. While Sebastian is presumed lost, Viola is alive and left to pose as a man (Cesario) to protect her own identity. She, in disguise, is to woo Countess Olivia on behalf of Duke Orsino, where complicated feelings of deep infatuation arise. While these emotions run wild, the characters feel great pain and fascination for others to the point of extreme displays of lust. With many romantic tie ins along the way of the story, the love in Twelfth Night is a very important factor that really powers the story; however, a very important question stands: what is William Shakespeare saying about love? To put it simply, Shakespeare paints love as a cause of suffering …show more content…
A good majority of the characters begin to have strong amorous emotions for another character on false pretenses or inconveniences (like believing Viola is a man, or reading a forged note, or being dressed as a man and falling in love with a male Duke) and it really

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