Theme Of Love In Plato's Symposium

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Thesis statement
Through the speeches by men, love is examined by men attending a symposium or a drinking party. The symposium has its main concerns with the beginning, the purpose and nature of affection and care. Therefore, love is the central theme in Plato’s dialogues in Symposium.
The Symposium is a philosophical text written by Plato in approximately 386-370BC. It is a lively and entertaining book characterized by witty characterization which not only shares the concept of love but also gives shades some light on the social life of the Athenians. In this party, taking place at the house of Agathon in Athens, everybody must deliver a speech in praise of love, Eros. The statements describe the qualities of Love. They also
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It has an effect on the every living thing on the globe including plants and animals. Once love and been attained it should be accorded full protection. The god of love is thought to have powers to direct including human plane and the divine. In line with Eryximachus love in the human body occurs either as healthy or unhealthy. Love is taken as a form of medicine that can cure disease. It has supernatural power and has control over medicine, music, and astronomy. It also regulates the temperature. When the factors that are governed by love are balanced, a state of health is attained. The argument by Eryximachus has some logical sense even in the present world. Love is seen as an ingredient towards the attainment of good health. It occupies a central position in the impression someone will develop towards a particular kind of …show more content…
The gods of love shall punish him and deny him the wholeness. For that reason, it can be inferred that love has a supernatural being attached to it and any deviation from the will of the god attracts severe punishment. It enhances the value of love as emanating from a supernatural being.
In the Symposium, love is attached to the youthful stages. Agathon notes that god of love avoids the sight of senility and clings to the youth. Love championships should mainly be seen among the young people. With love, justice, moderation, courage and wisdom are created. So love has a role in the creation of virtues.
Socrates questions Agathon and they come to a conclusion that love comprises of being conscious of an item for a good that is not yet in possession of the one who needs it. Through Diotima, love is a spirit lying g in the way between gods and men and that it has attributes from both parents. Diotima defines love as continuous ownership of what is good. Lovers are full of good and attain immortality through procreation. The concept of love here is the source of

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