The Discovery Of The New World In 1492 Essay

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Kirsten Mathis
Professor Kenneth Taylor
History 2111
September 22, 2015

The most significant event in history is the discovery of the New World in 1492. Europeans came over to the Americas to explore and expand. Spain started to conquer all over Mesoamerica, soon after France and England tried to establish colonies. English colonies struggled at first, but then became sufficient. Causing a huge change for the Native Americans living in the land. Both the colonist and natives in the New World experienced life-changing event in early America.
Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World in 1492, when in reality whoever crossed the land bridge that once connected Siberia to Alaska discovered America first. The Spanish expanded throughout the Caribbean, Mesoamerica and the Andes in the fifty years after Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. Hernán Cortés and his conquistadors arrived to over Aztec Empire. His army had firearms, horses and carried diseases that the native people were not immune to. Once they conquered The Aztecs built Mexico City, which was built on top of Tenochtitlan, The Aztecs original city. The Spaniards only cared about gold, glory, and God. They built up their cities and empires and became a powerful and large empire in the New World. However, Spain faced challenges trying to establish their
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Carolina was important for the Barbados colony. Barbados relied on Carolina to give them wood and meat. Carolinas economy depended on slavery, which was an outcome of the introduction of rice. Rice flourished in Carolina, because of the transformation of the wetlands into rice fields. Soon more than half of Carolinas populations were slaves. 1729 Carolina legally split into North and South Carolina. South Carolina had the strictest slave codes in America, which resulted in rebellions that would make the slave codes even

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