Hernando Cortes: A Hero Or Villain?

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Hernando Cortés also known as Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro is an explorer and a conquistador. Cortés is infamous for eliminating the amazing empire of the Aztecs. Cortés after brutally murdering the Aztecs, he claimed their native land, Mexico, for Spain. Although can Cortés be considered a hero and a villain, but can he be both? Hernando Cortés was born in Medellín, Spain in 1485. He was born in a wealthy family, but his family wasn’t as wealthy. He attended the University of Salamanca, but he wasn’t as happy with school. He was inspired by Christopher Columbus to explore. So he moved to Hispaniola. There he convinced the governor, Velasquez, to give him permission to set sail and explore. Velasquez cancelled the expedition last minute, but Cortés was stubborn. He had went to Mexico without permission. He set sail with 11 ships and 500 men. There everything went downhill from there for the Aztecs. He had conquered lands but never discovered anything. Then he died December 2nd, 1547.
Hernando Cortés didn’t “discover” anything. Although he did claim lands. He claimed some of Mexico for Spain after murdering the native inhabitants. After he had claimed land, he decided to help colonize it. Since he was a conquistador he conquered the Aztecs. That
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Hernando had done many cruel things to the Aztecs. They had shown him love, compassion, and respect. They thought that Cortés was a god. He repaid him by taking their gold. He is a robber and a thief. He also took the Aztecs emperor and put him in jail. Then after he betrayed the Aztecs he killed their tribe and civilization. It wasn’t a beneficial relationship. Only Spain had profited. Although, some people may believe that he is a hero because they look at it on Spain’s perspective. He had got gold for Spain. He had conquered more land for Spain. They believe he was a saint. He had also attempted to convert the Natives to christianity. Which in the pope’s eyes is a good

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