The Discipleship Model And The Ministry Model Essay

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My main goal is to shape young people into disciples filled with Bible knowledge and to help send them out in the world to witness to the unsaved. I plan to do this by combining the discipleship model and the ministry model talked about by Richard R. Dunn in his book, “Reaching A Generation For Christ”. He states that the philosophy of the discipleship model as, “The discipleship model trains students to be God’s people in an ungodly world, equipped with Bible study and prayer skills developed in a caring atmosphere with a view to reproducing their Christian lives in other” (175). This philosophy would be fulfilled by small groups or “trainings” held on a weekly basis. I would like to keep a very close, relational youth group. It would probably not be very large, but it would be a good amount of students to get done what we need to. The small groups would consist of very in depth Bible studies lead by a small group leader and a student leader.
Having an adult and student leader gives the members of each small group an adult to talk to when help is needed from someone with more life experience. And a leader their own age helps them have someone they can really relate to and that can help them in their walk with God as well without feeling the pressure of beings too young. The in depth studies will help each and every student to understand what their mission is and how to rely on God to spread his message to the world. The philosophy of the ministry model is, “The ministry…

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