The Digital Library, A Collaborative Digital Archive Essay

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The archive used for this assignment is the HathiTrust Digital Library, a collaborative digital archive. HathiTrust contains a variety of source material, such as government documents including official reports, diplomatic papers, and personal letters as well as primary source academic journal articles and monographs. Users can utilize the search bar to find pertinent sources regarding certain topics; then the resulting sources can be refined according to author, subject, original format as well as the date, language and place of publication. Users that have an account can create digital folders to sort applicable source material into collections to facilitate research and organization. The collections that have been created by other users are available to be searched, which can allow for collaboration among researchers and provide assistance for where to look for certain documents. When viewing the sources, users can search for certain keywords in the text of the source. Additionally, there is a function that allows users to jump to a specific page, which is helpful when examining the index for pertinent material within the source.
One source utilized is a report originally written by the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington that was disseminated by Congressman John Myers to his constituents regarding the 1967 Vietnamese presidential election. The embassy officials elucidate the pertinent issues of the election including possible peace with the Viet Minh, corruption, and the…

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