The Differentities And Similarities Between Catholicism Vs. Christianity

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Jonathan Ventura
Philosophy 1304
Professor Howard
November 27, 2014
Catholicism Similarities and Differences from Christianity Christianity is the largest religion in the world today, and Catholicism is its largest denomination or subset. There are about 2.6 billion followers of Christianity today and growing. About 60 percent of these Christians follow Catholicism, which is roughly about 1.2 billion followers (Catholicism vs. Christianity). Christianity, in its simplest essence, is a historical religion mainly based on the life of Jesus, a Jewish carpenter. There are many similarities between Catholicism and Christianity, but there are few key differences between Catholicism and the other denominations of Christianity. Those differences are very controversial among each other. These differences are the reason for the separation of the other denominations from the Catholic Church long ago. Catholics
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Catholics see the Virgin Mary as a Saint figure because she gave a virgin birth to Jesus. Many other Christians do believe in the virgin birth of Jesus but it is not a centralized belief as it is in Catholicism. The virgin birth signifies a work beyond the power of man, the powers of God to manipulate nature (Braine). God choose Mary because she did not contract the stains of Adam (Chiang). If she hadn’t gave a virgin birth Jesus would have been seen as a work of man, son of Joseph (Mary’s Husband), and stained by the original sin of Adam (Chiang). For these reasons Catholics strongly believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Catholics not only see Mary as a miracle of God but also as the mother of God because of the belief of the Holy Trinity God is also the Son of God, Jesus (Chiang). Many Catholics pray to her and put up many shrines in her name. She is seen as a mother figure to all Catholics and is a very important aspect in Catholicism, especially in many Latin American countries

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