Essay On Leadership Style

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Rajshree Thapa
Professor Mary Hidalgo
English 101
October 7,2017
Leadership Styles “According to Research by asaecenter, leadership style is the way a person uses power to lead other people”(Ahmed paragraph 1). Leadership is the word made of two words ‘leader’ and ‘ship’. Simply leader is the main person in the group to lead the person to achieve the goals of an organization. Leader is the backbone of an organization. Leader helps to control and manage other remaining member in the group. Leadership is the power or responsibility to make the decision by the leader in an organization. Leadership the matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, courage and discipline to lead the people maintaining the style means the way of using power by leader to lead other person. Leadership style the way of using power by leader to lead other person or an organization. Leadership style also provides direction, implementing plan, and motivating member of the organization.
Leadership style is the way in which leaders influence and motivate the activities
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The people as well as the leader are the backbone of the organization. Member are awarded for The result come out from group of people are implemented in organization so that an organization can make profit. The leader feel the other people include in the group decision as well as creativity, intelligence are respect in the discussion. In history the round table is the important example of democratic leadership. Most of the organization now day use this style as the it effective and the people also show their skill for getting the promoted in the organization . This style also make profit in organization and help to achieve the goal

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