The Differences Of Americans And Americans In World War II

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Almost everyone who has ever truly studied World War 1 realizes the helpful effort that the Americans put into the war effort however it would be obscured to think that the United States efforts would ever come close to what the Allies went through. The United States causality rate only accounted for 8 percent of its 206,000 soliders (cite 145) . With this being said, this was an extremely difficult for everyone who was involved. However, the American and British soldiers both viewed their enemy Germany slightly different. Some key reasons on why it was different for the Americans and British is because the British was in the war longer, they saw more things and went through more hard times than what the Americans did. Another reason it was different was that the Germans seen to respect the Americans more, As mentioned before the Americans who died and were injured only made up 8 percent of the causality rate however the British causality rate was 35 percent, (maybe sight) this is three times more than what the Americans lost. In general, the British seemed all doom …show more content…
On the other side the United States journals did not seem as if they were in as much miserere as the British, they were short and to the point. A major difference between the British and Americans were that the British was very despondent. “We often laugh here at the thought that if ever return to civil life again, we’ll be digging in a little in the garden to live in and stirring up our tea with a bit of stick or our finger and just spit on the floor when smoking and if a little tickling in our shirt, just hopping it off in the street.” (cite ‘heaps have cameras taking photos’ online). This quote says how despondent the British was. They were doubting if they will be able to make it out of the war, they felt as if the war would last

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