Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Revolutionary War

King George III and the British accumulated a massive debt after the French and Indian war. British assets were depleting at an exponential rate, so Parliament decided to tax the colonists in order to offset their expenses from the war. By reducing the debt from the seven-year war King George’s could reign over the colonies for many years to come. Consequently, Colonists in the 13 states suffered higher expenditures, even imported tea would cost more than usual. All 13 colonies gave consent on paying higher taxes to the British crown, however Boston didn’t consent because they weren’t provided representation so their response was no, but parliament subjected them anyways. Parliament lead their imperial army down a dangerous path which in turn …show more content…
British troops had to face very long distances from home, which was very ineffective in winning the war. Other Factors that were hurtful were irregular sleeping patterns, which drained the troops right before a battle. Poorly nourished and exhausted, they found themselves unable to make sound decisions when need be. During the War British commander’s egos were so inflated that they let America gain the higher ground. On the other hand, British troops were so well trained and equipped their budget was limitless, at any time they could hire foreign troops, which sometimes they called on the Hessians from Germany to help as allies. On the other end, Americans held the home turf, proven themselves before they fight in familiar surroundings which saved many of their troops from death.
Navigating the land quicker meant fewer casualties and more men fight and win. American’s took up arms for freedom and independence. George Washington provided outstanding leadership during the American Revolutionary war which is the greatest reason America prevailed and won. Ellis stated The American Revolution was the central event in Washington’s life, the crucible for his development as a mature man, a prominent statesman and a national hero (Vol 35). Ketchum wrote “His soldiers spoke with awe and pride of Washington’s imperturbability on the battlefield, his absolute lack of fear, his indomitable
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After winning their independence America faced a weekend political system that lacked a central government. Articles of Confederation lacked power, but nevertheless, it was a document stating all states were to be treated equally. Articles have been thrown together too quickly and calls for further discussion on a number of issues, including the western lands problem. (Humprey, 94). Major disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation is that they gave no power to tax, no national army, could not even enact laws only merely advise other states on what to do.
Parliament was so fixated on collecting taxes and restructuring that they forgot a very important fundamental, which was take care of your own. Parliament and the British crown abuse their power which would eventually lead them to the destruction of the British empire and ultimately cost King George his

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