The Differences in Competencies Between Nurses Prepared at the Associate-Degree Level Versus the Baccalaureate Degree Level in Nursing

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The Differences in Competencies between Nurses Prepared at the Associate-Degree level versus the Baccalaureate Degree level in Nursing

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NRS-430V Professional dynamics 125 January 11, 2012

The Differences in Competencies between Nurses prepared at the Associate-Degree level versus the Baccalaureate Degree level in Nursing In modern society human being, encompass extensively sophisticated requisites provoking advanced techniques of acquisition directly correlating to health care industry. The health care is intensifying in complexity and observing beneficial amendments. The longevity and expectations have heightened thus nurses are
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As reasonable health care leaders, they are focused in inquiry, and persistent in seeking results, which are as precise as the subject based on the circumstances of inquiry is. They are involved in community health to bring awareness about communicable diseases like human immunodeficiency virus and continuously strive to bring and implement positive changes to community. Associate Degree Nurse The nurse with Associates degree has been trained in practical nursing .She has the knowledge of the bedside care and hands on to provide safe care. She or he follows physicians orders and implement them and communicate about patients condition changes to physicians for continuum of care.The practical nurse who has obtained associates degree of nursing is safe enough to care for patients and has strong technical skills but there are situations that practical nurse needs professional nurses level to manage. Associates degree in nursing was a quick solution to problem in world war two, it was for technical nursing to perform under supervision of professional nursing when there was shortage of nurses so associate degree in nursing was designed to let the nurses practice at practical level to safely meet the public’s health needs .Now a days shortage of nursing is still a chronic problem and some time it

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