The Differences Between American Americans And African Americans

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For this paper I interviewed Destiny. For her privacy, I have changed her name. Destiny is a twenty-year-old African American woman. Destiny is a friend that currently attends the University of Illinois at Springfield. I conducted the interview with Destiny at her apartment. The circumstances of the interview were only for this paper and to learn the differences in life that I face as a European American compared to an African American. Not only was this interview for me to learn the differences, I learned how I may be able to change to understand the differences between what I face as a European American compared to African Americans. The interview started at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 8:00 p.m. Therefore, the interview lasted an hour and a half. Although this may seem like a long time for just an interview on her life experiences, the time seemed to go by very fast and by the end of the conversation I could not believe it had already been an hour and a half.
Destiny expressed that many people have asked her in college if she was from here. It has happened more in college than it did in high school. No one has directly asked or told her that she was not a ‘true’ American because of her race. Destiny has felt that people have implied that she is not a ‘true’ American because of her race. She feels this way when people ask her if she is from here or assumes she is from Africa. When Destiny walks into a store she feels as if all eyes are on her. Destiny stated that “Whenever…

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