The Differences Between A Corps Style Marching Band And Marching Bands

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Can you tell the difference between a corps style marching band and a traditional marching band? Many people cannot tell the difference. They have many differences but also have a lot of similarities. They are two different types of marching styles that are used in America. They can be well known by looking at the way they march, the way they move, the way they play music, and the way their band is set up. You can also tell the difference between the two by the instrumentation the bands have. Corps Style Marching Bands and High Stepping Marching Bands have many similarities, but a lot of differences.

The history of corps style marching bands can be traced all the way back to the 1880’s. According to the New World Encyclopedia, the first corps style marching band was created in 1880 by John Philip Sousa. John Philip Sousa directed the band, and created a lot of the songs that was being played by the band. Some of the songs he has written are still being played by corps style marching bands today. “In 1972 corps style bands were only restricted to have brass instruments, and drums. It wasn’t until 2005 that woodwinds were allowed to be a part of corps style bands, but only in the solo and ensemble competitions that run separate from the full corps performances”, according to Chad Criswell from www.marching Through the 1960s, the American high school and college bands marched primarily in a military style. However, following the trends set forth by drum corps, many…

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