The Differences And Differences Of The Early Care / Preschool Educators

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From reading over the handouts given to me from every student in class, I was able to pull several similarities and differences out from the seventeen interviews. A significant difference that I took away from this assignment was the differences early care/preschool educators versus those who teach in primary public school grades. Early care/preschool educators focus more on the aspect of cognitive, social, and academic skills that children develop from birth to about age five. Children are at their basis of learning in early care/preschool, they are still learning their alphabet and are becoming acquainted with being in a classroom setting. While primary public school grade educators take the knowledge that children have learned previously and expand on it further. They also bring in new subjects to teach to the students. Here students are more comfortable in the classroom and educators in the primary public schools tend to deal with more behavioral problems at this age.
Going through the interviews, I was able to pull out several differences between similar questions that were asked to the interviewees. Many touched on the area of “How do you handle parents who are difficult?” Answers ranged from a variety of teachers. Several of the teachers stated that they like to keep positive communication with the parents from the beginning of the year, while another teacher said that they like to be upfront with the parents and give solutions to the parents about how to handle…

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