The Importance Of An Education In Equality

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Education in the United States, many people are trying to figure out how to fix the educational system. The key to reaching higher achievement is a strong cultural value that is conducive to understanding the value of education. Family support is a big influence to cultural values and education. Community the culmination of culture, family and local environment variables that works towards a common goal. Understanding these aspects will help school administrators in developing a diverse educational program that would guide students to reach their maximum potential in school. There were three mini documentaries that one could see how all these factors helped students excel in school. Watching “An Education in Equality” will demonstrate
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Education starts at home, here is where you can lay the foundation to set a child on a path to excel educationally. Parents are the key factor is setting a culture of learning in their children, and their engagement with their children will help them stay on an educational path. One would see that in “An Education in Equality” the parents set the tone of their child’s education, they stated that they wanted their child to have the best education and enrolled their child into an elite Manhattan prep school. In the video the parent states that his child was not from a privileged family, but his father was a doctor and his mother was a lawyer. The parent gives an impression that he knows the value of a good education and wants to make sure his child receives this valuable resource. This is a sentiment of many parents, one would see when talking to other parents on what is the major factors in finding an area to live, the school system ranks at the top of their list. In another aspect the parent sets the tone on how their kids will do in school. The parent’s engagement with their child will instill how much the parent values education and in turn the child will develop the same value. In another video “Education Starts at Home” teachers reach out to the new students to learn more about the students that will be attending the school. In the video one of the teachers makes a point to say that we have to show the parents that we are vested in the child’s education and it’s a high priority on their list. The statement leads one to believe that teachers understand how important the parent’s role in the educational process and is not only to inform the parents that the teachers want the child to succeed but also informing the parents that they are part of the process too. Parents are the cornerstone of a child’s education and their involvement is critical for a child’s future

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