The Difference Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

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The Difference Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

Increasing clinical understanding and the rising complexities in the health care technologies today requires that professional nurses be educated and competent to the baccalaureate level. Nurses with their RN can be educated to the level of associates degree or to baccalaureate degree. According to the Grand Canyon University Baccalaureate Curriculum Model, the associates degree level nurse differs from the baccalaureate level nurse in three main competencies; client, nurse, and nursing education.
One of the different competencies between associate degree (ADN) and Baccalaureate degree (BSN) is type of client or patients they are prepared to treat and the
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This is a competency that is apart of the BSN curriculum. This is taught to the BSN student to develop a holistic knowledge base to manage every aspect of the patient. This understanding of care is not necessarily apart of the ADN’s core curriculum. BSN nurses are taught to think differently than ADN nurses. “Knowledge and skill derived from a liberal education enhance the nurse’s ability to adapt knowledge and skills to novel situations through the use of global rather than narrow thinking”(Hood, 2010, pg. 17). The BSN nurse is able to think outside the box while the ADN nurse remains task oriented in their thinking.
Nurses who possess a BSN degree have more opportunity for advancements in employment. It opens the doors and allows higher responsibility in their career such as, role as a manager, leader, and coordinator of patient care as well as provides the first step for even higher education. Hood (2010) wrote assuming the roles of ADN and BSN nurses, “associate [degree] preparation on the entry-level hospital setting and nursing home practice, baccalaureate [degree] on the hospital-based management and community-based practice.” Nurse employers express a clear preference for hiring experienced BSN graduates for nursing management positions. This reminds me of a hospital setting that I worked at once. It was a small hospital, where I worked in the ER. Te hospital was attached to a community college. The school had

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