The Diet Of Paleo Diet Essay

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The Paleo diet has become one of the most popular dieting habits in the past decade; it consists of eliminating dairy, processed food, grains, starches, and alcohol from the diet and focusing only on vegetables, fruits, lean meats, seafood, and healthy fats (Wolf, Robb 2016). This diet is derived from scientific studies conducted in order to find what early hominids ate. These studied concluded that humans cannot eat the calorie packed foods available today without consequences (Leonard, William 2002: Pg 109). Paleo dieting has many different views associated to itself, some dieters swear that this is the best way to lose weight, some believe that although some good can come out of the diet it may not be enough to benefit, and lastly some believe that the diet is a complete failure and does not work. Many advocates of the Paleo diet have expressed the health benefits that are associated with the change in food intake. They believe that since the foods recommended for the Paleo diet are from ancient times they must have some benefits if they have been around for so long. Some of these benefits include: weight loss, improved blood lipids, reduced pain from autoimmunity, and has reversed the signs of insulin resistance in people with Type two diabetes (Wolf, Robb 2016). Paleo dieters have many reasons to believe that this way of eating will improve their lives; however, some people are less positive about the results of this extreme dieting. Some people believe that the…

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