Low-Carbohydrate Diet Analysis

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For a person on a low-carbohydrate diet, satisfying your sweet tooth can be a real obstacle. And more often than not, temptation of sweets can lead down a path of binge eating. The kind of binge eating where you snap out of it to discover you 've eaten a whole package of Oreo cookies. This recipe for low-carb peanut butter cookies can help you stay on track to reaching your weight loss goals. I came up with this recipe after many attempts at trying to loose the dreaded "freshman fifteen" had failed. The hardest part about dieting most times, is watching your friends eat whatever they want. My particular weakness, was and still is any type of cookie available. This recipe works out well for those looking to enjoy having dessert, without worrying …show more content…
This drastic step away from the typical American diet has become more than just a fad. As people find themselves losing weight and gaining health by avoiding processed foods, the raw food diet is becoming a way of life. A raw diet means stepping back in time, to humanity 's earlier roots. Food was eaten in a natural, unprocessed state. Humans picked foods from plants and ate them immediately, without cooking or changing the foods. They were able to take in the most nutrients by eating this way. Today most of our foods are processed and cooked. This strips away important nutritional value and adds many empty calories. Followers of a raw food diet enjoy eating unprocessed, whole foods at their meals. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even some legumes can all be eaten without cooking them first. All of the flavor and nutrition is there to be savored when food is left raw. Eating a raw food diet means eating the way the human body was meant to eat, and being healthier for it. Although most raw food eaters are vegans, meaning they avoid eating animal products, there are certainly some who choose not to follow a strict raw food diet. Making at least half of their diet raw, they are able to enjoy the benefits of foods in its natural states without giving up some modern conveniences. In some areas people are even able to buy raw, unprocessed cow milk from farmers to expand their raw foods experience. Advocates of the raw food diet say this is the way our bodies were made to eat. Getting the most nutritional benefits from foods in their raw state means the body can absorb and use everything that it needs to function. Many people who are looking for ways to eat healthier, lose weight, and feel better are turning to the raw food

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