The Diary Of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Essay

Have you ever felt alone and wanting to talk to someone? Anne Frank was open to talking to her father and Peter. The theme of Anne Frank is everyone needs someone with whom to share life's experiences. Anne's family needs to be there for each other because they are all terrified of getting caught. Although, some people are introverts, life can be better if you express yourself and talk to someone. An example of this is, when Anne had a nightmare and her mother came to her bedside. Anne then said, “ Will you please ask father to come.” on page 510. This shows that Anne is very close to her father and not so much her mother. Anne likes to share her life's experiences with her father. Another example is, when Anne and Peter have conversations about their parents. “Aren’t they awful? Aren’t they impossible? Treating us as if we are still in the nursery.” on page 531. Anne clearly feels comfortable expressing herself to Peter.
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When Peter and Anne were fighting, Peter excused himself to go feed Moushi, page 497. This shows that Peter is very caring and loving towards his cat. Peter feels that Moushi helps get his mind off of the danger that is all around him. In the story “The Diary of Anne Frank” the Jews face many fears. Anne expressed herself to many people in the secret annex. Peter looked up to Anne for being able to say what she wanted to say whenever she wanted to. Some people share their lives with others and some people are introverts and are very

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