Essay on The Development Of Safety Organizations

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The Development of Safety Organizations
Abdullah Al-borai
SF 201
Mortimer Lecote

Introduction At present time, the importance of health and safety in the workplace is well established. The tone was set during and after the World War II when all the various practitioners of occupational health and safety collaborated and organized to promote health and safety in the workplace (Goetsch, 2008). This paper provides an overview of the development of safety organizations in the country. First, this paper provides a short history of the early safety movements specifically before the Industrial Revolution with focus on their main drivers and motivations for organizing. Second, this paper describes the milestones achieved by the safety movement. Last, this paper provides an overview of some of the largest safety organizations.

Early Safety Movements Safety movements in the US have a long history. The root of the safety movement in the US could be traced back to the early 1800s, a time period when industrial accidents were commonplace. The three most significant events in the history of the safety and health movement were the Hawk’s Nest, asbestos, and Bhopal tragedies. These tragedies spurred efforts promoting health and safety in the workplace (Goetsch, 2008).
The Hawk’s Nest Tragedy
To provide a background, the Hawk’s Nest Tragedy solidified public opinion promoting the protection of workers from silicosis, which was an occupational disease caused by…

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