The Development Of Middle School Essay example

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Middle School is a time where young adolescent experience the most rapid period of growth since birth. Young adolescents are going through a time where they are transitioning from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. This transition is essential in becoming a well-rounded individual. Adolescents also begin thinking in more complex ways in mathematics, have the ability to analyze forms of writing further, and interpret larger concepts. Many adolescents would rather take an active role in their learning than a passive one and they would rather do their educational work with a partner or friend as opposed to alone or with a teacher. Young Adolescents place a great emphasis on feeling that knowledge they are being told is useful. If an adolescent does not see the information we are trying to teach as useful to them we will not be able to give the adolescent proper understanding of the concept or idea. Adolescents vary drastically physically, but one thing they all have in common is that their bodies are going through a lot of changes. Young adolescents will most likely experience all of puberty if not some of it during their time in Middle Level. It is essential for Middle Level Educators to understand the changes that adolescents are going through and how to properly handle situations that may arise due to these physically difference that young adolescent’s place a strong essence on. Many Young Adolescents place their social growth at the top of their priority list. During…

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