Essay on The Development Of Christian Doctrine Of The Trinity

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The Development of Christian Doctrine of the Trinity from the New testament Church to the Nicene Creed.

The first development of the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity dates back to the death of Jesus Christ approximated to be in 30 AD. During this time the publishing of the first gospel is completed in 40 AD. Following this in 48 AD Gentile Christians and Jewish members hold a council meeting called the Council of Jerusalem. During this council meeting discussion concerning circumcision of followers was debated and Paul the apostle convincingly argued that the Holy Spirit and God would not take issue over the debated issue (ACTS 15- New Testament).
Also in this time 46 AD to 48 AD the four gospels of Jesus Christ’s ministry and death had all been recorded and passed out to many parts of the world including Greece, Syria, Galatia, and Jerusalem. (Mueller). In approximately 67 AD Apostles Paul and Peter who have been laboring individually to spread Christianity. Peter who was bringing the word to the Gentiles. Paul’s missionary work was not easy as the word of the messiah fell upon the ears of non-believers and those who do him harm for spreading heresy.( New Testament Acts 9:19-26). Paul also defended the word in some instances, Paul when confronted by a sorcerer called him out for being a “child of the devil”. This was the true meaning of spreading the word, Paul preaching and conducting actions to establish Christianity. Peter who became a leader of Jesus church after his…

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