Abortion Vs Surgical Abortion

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What is abortion? According to Google, abortion is, “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.” Most people know what abortion is, and what abortion does. But what they don’t understand is what happens before, during, and after the abortion. Not just what happens to the baby, or fetus, but what the mother of the aborted child experiences also.
A woman can undergo the abortion processes at six weeks pregnant. At five weeks, the fetus’ heart starts beating. Most pro-choicers would argue that the heartbeat isn’t a symbol of life. Although, if a man was found lying on the ground unconscious, someone 's first reaction would be to check his pulse. If a slight beat is detected, the
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Women can be given a surgical abortion up to the third trimester of expectancy. Vacuum aspiration is the most popular abortion technique known. In aspiration abortion, a thin tube is inserted into the uterus and then connected to a source of suction. The woman is also dilated and drugged for pain. The whole procedure lasts a mere five minutes. If the embryo 's head is too big to be suctioned out, the doctor crushes the skull into pieces and continues to sweep the debris out through the small tube. Although aspiration is the most popular, there are numerous options for surgical abortion. The most gruesome form of termination is partial birth abortion. Guided by an ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby’s legs and delivers the entire body except the head. Scissors are then jammed into the baby’s skull and the wound expanded. After, the baby’s brain is suctioned out, which collapses the skull. When the brain is no more, and the child is dead, the delivery continues and the corpse is discarded. Most abortion clinics claim that the babies are incinerated. But many clinics have been found unfaithful in their incineration processes. Some fetuses are sold, others are used for experimental education, or discarded in a drain or …show more content…
This statement is entirely correct! A woman does has the right to control her body, but the fetus is not her body, it’s only inside her body. To ask a pregnant woman “how’s your body?”, while referring to the growing child inside would be ridiculous. Also, if the fetus is the woman’s “body” than the fetus has the right to live. If the belief of the fetus being the woman 's body remains, than killing her “body” is suicide. If the fetus isn’t her “body” then it’s homicide. Animals such as dogs, cats, and birds all have rights, the rights to live. Valuing a dog’s right to live more than a baby’s shows where our country is heading. Even in 1750 B.C. people knew it was

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