The Demographic Characteristics Of The Sample Mean Age Of Adolescent Participants

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The demographic characteristics of the sample mean age of adolescent participants was 15.9 years, 51.2 % were female, almost all (98.8 %) were African American, and 84.2 % were attending a regular school program or had completed school. In terms of the characteristics of their caregivers, 40.4 % of adolescents had a currently working caregiver, 47.9 % of their caregivers had less than a high school education, 53.9 % were never married and had no live-in partner, and 50.7 % lived on less than $10,000 in the previous year (84.3 % lived on less than $20,000).
We present the percentage of participants meeting diagnostic criteria on the in the prior 12 months by sociodemographic characteristics. The most common disorder for which diagnostic criteria was met was conduct disorder (7.7 %), followed by PTSD (5.1 %) and major depression (3.7 %). While the number of participants meeting criteria for the alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and substance abuse and dependence disorders was small (ranging from 0.3 % for alcohol dependence and substance abuse to 3.2 % for marijuana abuse), 41.7 % of alcohol abusers, 26.3 % of marijuana abusers, and 61.5 % of those dependent on marijuana also met criteria for conduct disorder (data not shown). Of the above disorders, 17.9 % of adolescents met diagnostic criteria for any dis- order. A large majority (82.1 %) of adolescents did not have any disorders, while 12.1 % had one, and the remaining 5.8 % had between two and four disorders.
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