The Degradation Of Ecosystems And Its Effects On The Environment

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A prevalent pattern within environmental damage causing concern and worry establishes today’s phenomenon of the crisis in ecology. This crisis circulates around the deteriorating earth and its fouled air and unvalued, abused ecosystem. In Brennan Hill’s novel, “Exploring Catholic Theology,” the Christian mission to incorporate biblical studies and theology is introduced in hopes to bring ends to ecological issues and re-establish the beauty and importance of nature. A series of destruction completed upon our environment is startling humans as waterways are being contaminated, the land is being stripped of its resources, and the air is being polluted. The ozone layer, a caretaker of the earth from the hazards of ultraviolet rays, is being worn-out, jeopardizing lives due to over exposure to the sun’s rays. The world is degrading, in ways history has never experienced before, and at such an extent in such a case that drastic changes must be made soon in order to save our very valuable eco-systems. The degradation of ecosystems is proven in a regression in the fruitfulness of the ecosystems. The goods and services, in which the environment has to offer, are being limited. Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through exhaustion of resources such as water, soil and air. It is accountable for the extinction of the Earth’s wildlife. The level of advantage humans take on the ecosystem and all of its resources has had direct negative effects on…

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