Essay about The Debate Of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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Academic Argument The argument of legalizing recreational marijuana has been the heat of debates for the past generation. Its relevance has made its appearance in the recent election. The presidential nominees where asked for their attitude towards the legalization of recreational marijuana and was seen in topics in local elections as well. The split between legalization and keeping it restricted is the result of individuals not being properly informed of what marijuana truly is or wanting to keep it as taboo. In actuality, it comes with medical purposes, reducing crime rate, and an increase of cash flow. Before getting into the topic of marijuana it is only suitable that the chemistry of marijuana is discussed. Marijuana, or in scientific terms, cannabis, has been used in society all around the world for generations. For example, the great “flower power” 60’s and is associated with the iconic inventor of reggae, Bob Marley. The part of the marijuana plant that is the active ingredient for the dried leaves is located in the sticky layer of the buds. (Pollan & M). Marijuana is used in many different forms such as hand-rolled cigarettes (blunts), in water pipes that heat up the dried marijuana leaves (bongs), or even in foods that are called “edibles”. Those edibles such as wax or even high concentrates are mostly used among medical users but all the different forms of it are used by any recreational users. The “mind altering” chemical in marijuana comes from the leaves’…

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