The Debate Against Abortion

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Abortions have been a topic for debate for many years. Many people believe it to be murder or wrong due to their religion. The debate between prochoice and prolife maynot be as black and white as most people believe. In fact, only about 19% of Americans believe that abortions should be illegal no matter what the circumstances are (oliver). Abortions should be available to all women no matter what their reasoning is.
Abortions have been around for 100’s of years. It has been practiced by women of all kind up until 1800 when it became illegal. Women were performing abortions by themselves using objects around the house. Due to the ill methods, many women got infections and even became infertile. In 1963 the Abortion Counseling Service of the
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Casey was a step backwards for pro life. It made women in the first trimester get a booklet and wait 24 hours till they could receive an abortion. It also stated minors had to have written consent from one parent in order to get an abortion (supreme). The first regulation is completely unnecessary. The woman knows what she is doing and has most likely thought this through on her own. Women don 't need a pamphlet to remind them what they are doing. Some women are in enough grief with this process and don 't need more guilt on their backs. This court case has basically stated that women can jump through some hoops in order to get an abortion. The second part of this can lead to public humiliation for the adolescent. In many cases, the teen doesn’t want to parent to know in fear of being disowned by her parents. The teen made a mistake and has learned from the mistake by getting an abortion. She has a right to privacy as much as anyone else and her parents do not need to know something as personal as that. Sometimes, her family could be extremely religious and be against abortions no matter what the reason is. If this new law is taken away, the teen will not have to face reparations from her family. These laws are put in place to protect women, but how is humiliating a young girl helpful? The chaos of this case continued into Texas; a state that is doing everything in their power to stop

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