Essay about The Death With Dignity Of The United States

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Dignity in Dying
Physicians assisted suicide gives mentally competent adults with the prognosis of six or fewer months to live, due to a terminal illness, the ability to voluntarily acquire a medication that will hasten their dying process; this allows them to forgo the pain and suffering that would otherwise diminish their quality of life. Death with Dignity is a movement that has swept over the United States in recent years, and being as it goes against certain religious ideologies, has been met with great controversy. The controversy surrounding suicide is a fairly recent one, based in religious morals. It is a matter of human dignity that no one should be denied the right of ending their life own terms. Physician assisted suicide is compassionate response to terminal suffering, it is a person’s right to choose to end their own life in a dignified way.

There are currently five states in the USA that have legalized physician assisted suicide in some form. In November of 1994, Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act, three years later on October 27, 1997 it was enacted. Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act became the foundation on which more recent PAS Acts have been based, this act has strict criteria and is tightly regulated- as any life and death matter should be.
Although the topic of PAS has only begun to make headlines in the last 20 years, assisted suicide for the considerably ill is not a new practice. Recordings of rational suicide date back to Ancient Rome in 500 BC…

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