The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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“No executed prisoner has ever killed again, and some convicted murderers will undoubtedly kill again if, instead of being executed, they are sentenced to prison terms” (Radelet and Borg 46). By executing a convicted felon, no more innocent lives can be harmed from that felon. The current form needs to be reformed and streamlined, to ensure more timely exercise of the sentence. This will show that anyone who commits a capital crime will have to pay for the harm that has been done. Those who have been convicted of a capital offense should be given the death penalty as the sentence.
The United States have used the death penalty as a form of punishment for hundreds of years, although, the form of the punishment has changed. “The first execution of a juvenile offender was in 1642 with Thomas Graunger … at the age 16 or 17, of buggery ‘with a mare, a cow, two goats, divers sheep, two calves and a turkey’” (Neil and Neil 2). “The number of defendants on federal death row has climbed to nearly two dozen in recent years, while the highly publicized execution of Timothy McVeigh and the barely publicized execution of Juan Garza in June 2001 were the first two executions by the federal government in nearly four decades” (Berman and Thurschwell 3). The number of defendants waiting on death row has increased, but the number of executions does not match up with the numbers. Many capital offense felons who have been sentenced the death penalty; sit on death rows for lengthy periods of time…

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