Should Death Penalty Be Made Legal In The United States?

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Imagine, the news comes on and you hear about the latest gruesome murder, or the one of many rapes that occur daily in the United States. What if you were that person on the T.V. screen, would you want justice for the world crushing, life-altering pain that someone caused you and your family? The death penalty should be made legal in the United States because it allows for justice to be given to those people who have committed vigorous crimes and most importantly, it decreases the chances of overcrowding in prisons, where dangerous criminals could potentially be let free. The death penalty is a controversial yet essential topic that is debated about throughout the world. “An eye for an eye” and “They get what they deserve”, is what comes …show more content…
It would not be morally right for a person who just took someone 's life or destroyed it in more ways than one to be given comfort, food, shelter and a life, while the person that they killed or forever damaged is no longer able to live their life that was so selfishly taken from them, their family and friends. According to "5 Pros and 5 Cons of Capital Punishment”, criminals are like rotten apples among the good ones and they are like a virus to a society, where they can infect anyone at anytime. A highly dangerous criminal needs to be cut out of society permanently so they do not infect more lives than they already have (Listovative n.pag.). Capital Punishment is the best way to rid society of the bad influence that criminals create and to justify their horrendous, selfish crimes. The death penalty is one of the few ways that the criminals are able to be punished for the crimes that they willingly committed. Reporter Robert Blecker recalled that the thousands of hours he spent observing daily life in maximum security prisons and on death rows, has shown him that even the criminals that had committed the worst …show more content…
According to an article in Prison Legal News, the overcrowding in prisons has worsened over the five-year period from 2006 through 2011, affecting facilities of all security levels. Overcrowding will climb to more than 45% above the federal Bureau of Prison’s maximum capacity by 2018 (Gilna n.pag.). Knowing that the rate for overcrowding in prisons is increasing, something has to be done to stop it, because the further the overcrowding rises means the number of criminals let free will increase substantially. Described in the article “Is capital punishment a fair and appropriate measure for atrocious crimes?”, states “The death penalty is also considered to be the appropriate retribution and deserved punishment for really horrific crimes. Criminals who commit capital crimes have reached a point where rehabilitation is impossible and for some life in prison might increase criminal behaviour. The death penalty, therefore, prevents crimes for recurring and protects society” ( n.pag.). Keeping anyone in an unanimated environment for too long could possibly make anyone lose their mind, now imagine these people as serial killers and rapists, who have a mind that drove them to killing and sexually assaulting innocent people. Every day that goes by another unstable and bloodthirsty criminal will be let out into the world,

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