The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

947 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
I have never been someone to like death or to hear of someone dying. No matter the situation. Humans are all equal and should be treated as equals. The death penalty does not treat most humans as equals. The death penalty does not give anyone a second chance. Once they have been executed, they are gone for good. I do not think that this is fair. The death penalty should be abolished in North Carolina because it is inhumane, people have been wrongfully convicted and it does not help to prevent further crimes. Killing people in general is inhumane. Trying to teach other people to do right by doing a wrong is even more inhumane. If you try to teach your child to not drink by drinking right in front of them, then you are not exactly teaching your child much. I believe the same thing about the death penalty. I do not think we can teach people that murder is not okay, when we are basically murdering the same people who have committed the crime. When you put someone to death for murder, it is almost like teaching people to add fuel to the fire. It may be following the law of “an eye for an eye,” but that law was written hundreds of years ago. Many of the laws we have now are different from most laws people followed in 1792 B.C. I strongly believe the death penalty should be abolished because it is unsuccessful. I do not understand the point in having a law that does not reduce crime. People should not be killed when other people are not trying to better themselves to prevent the…

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