Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The Death Penalty The death penalty should be abolished because it is cruel and unusual punishment, it does not deter crime and it is costly. The death penalty is also known as capital punishment. This death by execution is ordered by the court for people convicted of a capital crime. In 1972, the Supreme Court rendered the death penalty illegal, but later reinstates it in 1976 (Rizzo). Capital punishment is an issue that has been argued in the United States for years. Many are opposed to it, yet the majority support it, as evidenced by the fact that the laws still exist. Nearly 1,400 prisoners have been executed between the years 1976 and the end of 2014 (Rizzo). The federal government allows the states to use their discretion when it comes to the use of the death penalty. For example, the state of Texas uses capital punishment for their worst offenders, while most of the other countries have abolished it altogether. Currently, there are 31 states in the United States where the death penalty is legal and 19 states where it is banned. Within the western countries, the United States is the leader and the only one administering the death penalty.
The majority of Americans are for the death penalty, but the numbers are declining. For instance, in the years 1996, 78 percent were in favor, and 18 percent opposed it; but by the year 2013, the supporter had dropped by 55 percent, and the opposition had risen 37 percent (Berman). Some may argue that the death penalty is fair…

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